Hurray the winter is over. Weather wise in some parts of the country this still won’t happen for a while, but when the pitchers and catchers report it feels like the start of a new year. Spring training games start next week and meaningful information for fantasy team owners will become available.

Mock drafts will become real drafts, and the business of winning your fantasy baseball league will be upon you. All four of our fantasy baseball magazines are on sale, the Draft Guide with Chase Utley on the cover hits newsstands and bookstores this week. An easier way to find them is at… Don’t leave town without them!

Just when I thought media coverage of Mark McGwire was about to die down, his estranged brother has stirred everything up again with the release of his book. I’ve had quite a few people ask me my thoughts about the whole McGwire coming back issue, and have given the situation a lot of thought.

My first reaction is still the same now, “Leave the guy alone!” I hate when the media has nothing better to do than drag someone through a ringer because they don’t feel he’s saying what they want to hear. The media wouldn’t leave him alone, let him go about his life, let him become the Cardinals hitting coach and help them become better hitters. No other hitting coach for any team has ever gone through what Mark has.

Let’s start with Mark doesn’t owe us or the media anything. He did his best to fade away from public and media attention. He knew he did something he was not very proud of, and he made a bad decision when he took substances to change his ability to play baseball. I truly believe in Mark’s mind he felt by taking these substances it would allow his injured body to heal faster, keep him healthier and in playing shape , and thus earn his paycheck and help his team. Because he did have a god-giving talent to hit a baseball a long distance, he didn’t need an extra help when he hit a baseball to make it go out of the park. And I really believe that Mark believes that the steroids did not help him hit more home runs as far as when he made contact with the ball.

I actually believe that also! I saw where the balls he hit were going, and a lot traveled into the upper deck at Busch Stadium, so many it became known as Big Mac Land. Hundreds of thousands of fans were treated to a Free Big Mac many times during his tenure here, and without the steroids they might have gone hungry because those balls would have landed in the lower deck.

But they still would have been home runs. What the media can’t stand is Mark telling them he doesn’t think the steroids help him hit more home runs, but he told them what he truly believes, or what he has talked himself into believing to justify this to himself.

What they should have been asking, or stating the obvious, is didn’t he agree that without the steroids his body would not have been able to withstand or allow him to play over 150 games a year. That he would have been injured and would not have been able to get the at bats, and thus, would not have been able to hit the home runs. That’s what the steroids did for him; they put him in a position where he could succeed. That’s what he really needed to say, and that’s what he really meant. If someone in the media would have been smart enough to get him to say that, this controversy would have been over a long time ago, but then what would they have had to write about!

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