Jim Edmonds Makes Cardinals Fans Blue

Is there no loyalty?

It’s sacreligious! What has happened with the world? My world turned topsy turvy yesterday when one of my heroes, Jim Edmonds, turned his back on the fans that loved him.

Yeah, you feel sorry for him. Released by San Diego, he can take his services to the bidder of his choice. So the 37-year-old former All-Star gets another chance to prove he still has some fuel in his tank, assuming he can keep his engine running.

He could have taken his $8 million, called it a career, and sat at the bar of his restaurant. But NO, he chose to go to the one place all Cardinal fans despise..the dreaded Cubs!

It can’t be for the money, he won’t get a penny more for wearing traitor blue. Maybe it’s the smell of the grass or the crack of the bat, hopefully his. It should be an interesting 4th of July weekend in St. Louis when the Cubs and their turncoat centerfielder come for a visit.

Hopefully, he who gets the last laugh gets the best laugh. Perhaps his stabilizing influence on the younger Cub players will “help” their performance. Maybe his personal escorted tours of Bourbon Street will be appreciated!

The last 100 years for the Cubbies haven’t gone so good, and hopefully an ex-Cardinal great won’t change it either. Hang in there Jimmy Boy, do your best to help the Cubs lose, and your bar in St. Louis will be a happy place!

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