A good friend in the industry, Dave Gonos,  decided to publish a book on 101 fantasy baseball tips.  He invited me to provide a tip, which is below.

If you’re interested in seeing the others, go to http://101FantasyTips.com where you can download it for 99 cents.  Great reading, and things you should know!

Tip # 91, Category – other games, Salary Cap Tips

The strategy for baseball salary cap games is completely different than most other fantasy baseball games.  But what you need to know to win, you already know!

The two main scoring systems, standard roto 5 x 5 and points should be something you are already familiar with.  And you should already know which players you like this year.  So if you are right, and you have the right players, you can pick up some heavy duty cash…like $50,000 plus playing CDM’s Diamond Challenge.

It’s a numbers game!  And here’s the numbers you want to achieve with your 28 player roster.  For roto-style, your  18 hitters need to combine for 1620 runs scored, 440 home runs, 300 stolen bases, 1500 RBI’s and a .280 team batting average (10200 AB’s and 2856 hits).  Your 10 pitchers will need to accumulate 123 wins, 150 saves, an ERA of 3.00 and WHIP of 1.11 with 1800 strike outs.

For points, your 28 players need to accumulate apx 16,800 points, or 600 per player.  Last year 8 hitters and 11 pitchers topped 600, and 5 of the top 7 were relief pitchers; Rodney, Johnson, Kimbrel, Motte and Chapman.  Knowing which relief pitchers are the top ones to have each year is a challenge, but it’s worth putting some of your salary into reliable ones!

The trick in salary cap games is to pick the top players who will have the best year. You can’t have all of them (and stay within the cap), but you can have 10-12.  Picking the right ones is what’s makes you a winner.  Combine them with the value players, the players you notice when you’re looking at all the players and their salaries and think they can out perform their salary, and you’ll be going in the right direction.  Put your projections to your 28 player roster and see if it comes close to the baselines suggested above.  If they do, and your players do as predicted, you’ll be in the money!

Here’s a couple players at each position that are worth considering as value picks.

Catchers – Salvador Perez & Wilin Rosario, 1st base – Anthony Rizzo & Yonder Alonso, 2nd base – Josh Rutledge & Emilo Bonifacio, 3rd base – Manny Machado & Wil Middlebrooks, SS – Andrelton Simmons & Jed Lowrie, OF – Darin Mastroianni, Lorenzo Cain, Michael Morse & Bryce Harper, SP – Javier Vasquez, Matt Harvey, Brett Anderson, Jeff Samardzija & Mike Minor, RP – Addison Reed & Bruce Rondon.

One of the great things about salary cap games is if a player gets injured or is not performing, you can replace them.  Do so right away!  And when that next Mike Trout appears, add him to your team right away also!

Charlie Wiegert, the Godfather of Fantasy Sports, has been actively playing over 5 fantasy baseball leagues every year since 1984.  A FSTA HOFer since 2001, he has has been running salary cap fantasy baseball games since 1992 for CDM Sports.  (http://www.cdmsports.com)

Twitter.  (@GFFantasySports)

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