The Need for A BCS Playoff

Ball State finished an undefeated season and will probably join undefeated Boise State on the outside of the BCS. We’ve been coping for years with the injustice of the NCAA national football championship, and the ridiculous idea that computer rankings and media polls get to decide which team plays for the national champion. While I don’t always agree with our soon to be president, and he has a lot more important things to worry about than the way the NCAA determines the National football champion, he is right on with his comments and I welcome his involvement. Nobody else can seem to make the NCAA realize what they are doing does not cut it with Americans, and “It’s Time For Change!”

For those of us that believe the outcome should be settled on the field of play, it’s time for Obama’s message to be heard. We like to root for the underdog, and undefeated teams at least need the chance to prove they belong. Plus it could help the recruiting efforts of the less powerful football program, having to the share the wealth attitude Obama is preaching. What is more unfair than the wealthiest and highest earning American paying the least amount of taxes, is the USC’s, Florida’s and Alabama’s getting all the best recruits. How can any of the other programs hope to compete if they can’t offer highly sought talent the chance to play for the gold ring?

How could a playoff system work? Here’s my idea. Currently we have 34 bowl games between December 20th and January 8th, involving 68 teams. Most of them could stay the same and offer some lame teams and their fans one last game for a dismal. Start a weekend earlier, the weekend of December 13th, and take the top 16 ranked teams according the BCS point system, with a provision that if an undefeated team is not part of the top 16, they would replace the 16th (15, 14th, etc.) ranked team. Top 8 seeded teams would get a “home” game and play the bottom 8 in the field.

Based on current rankings, here’s how the games would look this year.
Cincinnati at Alabama, Ball State at Texas, TCU at Oklahoma, Mizzou at Florida, Olk St at USC, Georgia at Utah, Ohio St at Texas Tech and Boise St at Penn St. Looks like one of the great days of watching college football to me. Do you think the networks and ESPN wouldn’t like to have part of that line-up? Do you think the NCAA might be able to add a few shackles to their coffers?
Then the next weekend, December 20th, the Eagle, New Mexico, St. Pete and Pioneer Bowls could host the winners. Yeah, like the NCAA would give them those games, but it would be the biggest college bowl games ever played in Washington, Albuquerque, St. Petersburg and Las Vegas! Even if the fans and Alumni didn’t fill their stadiums, local fans would! They could rotate the teams each year, so once every 4 years one of the cities would have the number 1 (assuming they were not upset by the number 16 team the week before) playing in their city. Actually, if you think about it, cities would compete for these games like ncaa regional basketball games, and 7 cities could host the games. Sorry Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton and Orange bowls, but if you want one of these games, you’ll have to buck up more to the NCAA.

Moving to the 2 games with the four teams left, play them the first weekend of January, giving the teams an extra week to prepare, and play the National Championship game the 3rd weekend of January (or the weekend without NFL playoff games) with an extra week to prepare. Would there be some excitement created?

The biggest downside I see to this idea is the traveling for the fans, which could require 4 weekends of travel over 6 weekends, but the basketball tournament requires close to the same. So what do you think, would this be a better way to determine our national football championship than what we currently use? If so, please write your congressman and encourage him to have President Elect Obama add the Godfather of Fantasy Sports to his sports advisory board, to work for Change!

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