Three Down And One To Go, And The Colts Let One Get Away!

Our third fantasy baseball magazine for 2010 has been put to bed, and it seems hard to believe! We’re in the first week of January, spring training isn’t even a thought yet, the football playoffs are just starting, and Fanball has already completed three fantasy baseball magazines! Wow!

Before I expand on the lessens learned from our many magazine drafts, I would like to weigh in on the decision made by Coach Jim Caldwell and the Colts decision to take NFL weeks 15 & 16 off. As Peyton Manning has just won his 4th League MVP award, I can’t help but think of the disappointment he, as well as all the other players, and Colts fans must have, losing the opportunity to do something truly special. I understand that the goal is to win the Super Bowl, to be the NFL Champs, and that the Caldwell thought resting his key players was the best way to achieve that goal.

But after starting the season 14-0, with a home game against the Jets and a road game against the Bills, they had a great chance of going 16-0, and becoming a dynasty team like the Miami Dolphins, something all the players and fans deserve. That Dolphins team is still considered the best of all time because of their perfect record; they did something no other NFL team has ever done. It’s something special to the players and their fans. That opportunity was there for the Colts, and Caldwell gave it away like a Politian making a speech. He gave some solid sounding reasons, but at the end of the day, and the decade, it will be remembered like the Politian’s speech, empty, full of unfulfilled dreams and hopes!

Even if the Colts go on and win the Super Bowl, does it justify giving away the dream, of the emptiness the players and fans will now have to live with forever, knowing they were that close and always wondering if it could have happened? In this world of achievers, of people with ambition, of people striving for perfection, of people doing all they can to be the best, what message does Caldwell give?

Shame on you Jim Caldwell, and your punishment will be you’ll go down in history and making one of the worst decisions ever!!! That’s what you earned this year, that’s what you accomplished, that’s what you deserve! And some sports writers might even make you NFL coach of the year, but deep down inside, you’ll know what could have happened, what you and your tem could have done, what you let get away..Mortality was there and you choose not to accept it!

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